Marketing Support

Stampcrete International Ltd. offers the utmost amount of Marketing Support in the industry.

By offering our customers every opportunity available to become successful, they are able to separate themselves from their competition. From our 28 page brochure and 6 page color chart, to our various marketing and training videos, the list goes on as to what is available.

Stampcrete provides hands-on training seminars located throughout the country every week, where our ACI certified consultants and trainers instruct our customers how to install our decorative concrete system according to ACI standards. Below is a list of just a few things available to you as a Stampcrete Decorative Concrete Installer:

  • 28 Page 4-Color Brochures
  • 30 Second TV Spots
  • Various Marketing Videos
  • Installation Manuals
  • Corporate Leads
  • Use of our website as a link
  • 6 Page Color Charts
  • Preformatted Yellow Page Ads
  • Various Training Videos
  • Specification Guides
  • Ongoing Marketing and Technical Support