100% Turn-Key Manufacturing Opportunity

The well known inventor and founder of the Stampcrete Systems is offering 25 years of developing decorative concrete systems manufacturing for sale to the world.

Decorative Concrete is a 50 year old industry that is known as an accepted paving material throughout the world. P. Michael Fennessy has perfected the art of stamping decorative concrete to the highest degree possible.

A quarter of a century has gone into acquiring patents on stamping equipment that is manufactured in Syracuse, New York. He also has his premier Trademark Stampcrete registered in over 50 countries and also owns the trademarks True Lasting Colors, Mirage, Re-Do-It, Logocrete and Re-Deck in the United States with first use rights globally.

Michael has perfected the highest quality formulas for producing the purest integral colors, color hardeners, colored release agents, highlighting colors, masonry stains, various types of cement based overlayments and recently adding leveling materials for repairing substrates. The Stampcrete concrete stamping tools are superior in every way to anything on the market today. Michael personally designed the state-of-the-art, high-tech and high-producing equipment and is now ready, for the first time ever, to share all of these trade secrets with the world. The offering includes 25 years of trade secrets, formulas, proprietary vendors and custom marketing aids in four color design layouts and currently translated into 10 different languages. He is also prepared to offer all of the above in any language required.

This offer is being launched in early 2015 with full page advertisements in several international and industry publications together with a very elaborate e-mail campaign and is offered on a country-by-country basis. Several smaller countries that might be grouped together to form a particular market region will also be considered. What Mr. Fennessy and Stampcrete are willing to do is to simply clone the Stampcrete manufacturing operation all around the world including four major territories in the USA.

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