Patina Stain System

The Stampcrete Patina Stain is becoming one of the most exploding markets for today's contractors and consumers. With this system, you can take an existing or new surface and give unlimited possibilities for an end result. Using stencils and other guidelines, you can achieve a decorative surface only limited to what your mind will let you design. Take a look at some of the samples shown on our site just to see a few.

STAMPCRETE Patina Stains produce a translucent variegated finish, including broad drifts in color, sometimes soft in appearance. This variegation is the reason this method of concrete coloration is chosen. STAMPCRETE Patina Stains are not paints or coatings and do not cover up, but rather work in conjunction with the color of the substrate. Patina Stain has durability, strength, and resistance to the effects of weather and traffic.

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