Pioneering innovation once again, Stampcrete has launched their latest development in stamping tools,  the “Robo-Stamp”.  A new hybrid formulation of urethanes used in the making of this stamp, creates a two in one tool that is incomparable in our industry. You no longer need flexible and rigid tools for doing your jobs.  These unique tools act effectively as both, while at the same time providing you the same great textures that only the thicker stamps of Stampcrete are known for providing.

This new stamped concrete technology allows concrete contractors to get started in the decorative concrete business for only $899.95.  Our Robo-Stamp kits include a training DVD.  Most others companies offer this type value for as much as $1,995 a set. By purchasing this kit you will be able to construct walkways and patio’s and you won’t have to keeping renting stamping sets at $250. The comprehensive Stamping training DVD will assure you a quality installation every time.

The versatility of these tools will save you time, labor and money. These stamps are presently available in three patterns listed below.

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