Aqua Plus Black


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Water-Base Stains

These semi-Transparent decorative stains are water-base, zero VOC, easy-to-apply stain for interior and exterior applications. All concrete stains both water-base and acid base always appear much more brilliant when applied over a topping like Redeckit, Re-do-It or the Mirage system.

You can dilute this stain up to 4:1 with water for color variation as every project is unique.

Clean up is simple with just soap and water. Colors also can be inter-mixed to achieve different tones.

Note: These colors are a representation only. Actual color will vary due to the concrete finishing method. The colors in this chart are based on grey concrete with stain applied at full strength along with two applications of stain with no dilution.

Coverage: 100-200 sq.ft per gallon depending on porosity of the surface

Benefits: • Degreases, cleans soil stains and etches the surface • improves adhesion of coatings • Makes stains take better into the surface

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