Highly trained ACI Stampcrete contractors perform all work. All work shall meet ASTM C 94 and ACI 332 requirements for placement of concrete surfaces. This includes sub-grade preparation and forming concrete. When the concrete truck arrives, add specified Stampcrete color together with Stampcrete reinforcing fibers. Mix integral color and fibers thoroughly in concrete truck prior to placement. The concrete is then placed at a thickness of 4″ (10 cm) or 6″ (15 cm) for heavier uses, screed, bull floated, and edged before applying clear or colored release agent on the surface. Release agent is applied evenly over the entire surface before stamping the surface. While in the plastic state, place stamping tools onto the surface and start stamping by using tamper to get the desired texture. Remove excess release agent and saw cut all control cuts 1/3 the thickness of slab, within 12 hours. When surface is dry, apply two coats of Stampcrete clear acrylic sealer to protect surface from fading or staining due to nature’s elements.