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Stampcrete Integral Colors

Composition and Materials

By utilizing pure red, yellow, and black Synthetic Iron oxides, Stampcrete has expanded the color range by formulating laboratory controlled high tinting strength blends. Each of these colors are 95% to 99% minus 325 mesh particle size. The Stampcrete iron oxides are permanent, inert, stable to atmospheric conditions, sunfast, limeproof, and free of deleterious fillers and extenders. All Stampcrete colors comply with ASTM 979 for integrally colored concrete and are produced with a one percent tolerance to an established plant standard.


A level of 10% color, based on the weight of total cementitious material used is the color saturation point. Color added in excess of 10% will not provide additional benefits and can reduce the overall strength of the finished product. Conversely, a level of color below 1% can cause irregular coloring and a “washed out” appearance. The suggested “optimum” range is 2% to 7% pigment loading based on total cementitious material weight.