Stampcrete Patina Stains

Composition and Materials

Stampcrete Patina Stains are a water-based formulation of hydrochloric acid and metallic salts. This formulation creates a reaction within the concrete substrate. This reaction slightly stains the concrete to provide deeper and more permanent color penetration.


Variations in ready-mix concrete, finishing techniques and stain application methods will affect final appearance – a test area is always suggested. Patina Stains will not hide existing concrete discoloration, blemishes, cracks or other surface problems.

Shelf Life and Coverage

Shelf life in properly stored container is approximately two years. Coverage varies according to application. Product may be cut up to 30 to 1.


It is mandatory that the user take the following precautions to protect workers and the public:

  1. Keep out of reach of children.
  2. Avoid inhalation.
  3. Avoid contact with skin.
  4. Avoid contact with eyes.
  5. Avoid ingestion of material.