Day 1:
Meet the Stampcrete team for the show. A general overview will be given as to how the seminar will progress and a question and answer session will conclude before the show begins.

We’ll start the day showing the Traditional Stampcrete system, poured at either 6 or 8 inches. Once the concrete truck pulls up, the specified amount of Integral Color is added to the truck according the yardage poured, and mixed until thoroughly distributed throughout the concrete. Pour and place the concrete and allow to start setting up before applying your Release agent.

Then you will get a chance to get on the stamps and see how easy it really is. We will show various patterns, but particularly the more popular patterns since you will run into using these more often. After stamping, well break for lunch and one of the Marketing Representatives will go over our literature and benefits to the Stampcrete System. There are many avenues and options that Stampcrete can provide to start your success in stamping. You will also receive all types of brochures and other information to start your information guide.

The afternoon, in most cases, will show a demonstration of the Mirage stamp overlay system as well as the Re-Do-It resurfacing system. Here you will have the chance to see just how easy you can take an existing plain concrete surface and make it look as decorative as your mind will let you take it. We will show some stamping designs as well as a plain troweled surface.

At the conclusion of the day, we will give an overview of the day’s events and also a question and answer session to close the afternoon.

Day 2:
On the second day, we’ll wash off the release agent with a hose and scrub brush until we have reached the effect we are looking for. Then we’ll use some patina stains to show another aspect of decorative concrete.

We’ll conclude the day by sealing the projects to show their finished appearance. Don’t forget to bring your cameras!